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High Quality,Low Cost

About Us

Over the years, AG Electronics has grown rapidly, creating a strong base of satisfied users in wide segments of the industries.

We are Ultimate in manufacturing, supplying, exporting and providing service to our clients. Our products are the reliable in the market as we use best quality materials for manufacturing these products. They are available in various specifications and can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. These products are used in various industrial applications. We captured market for our products in various places like Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Pune, Goa and Gujarat (Vadodara) etc.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to provide complete range of quality ultrasonic level sensor at very reasonable price in India and to make industrial automation at very low cost.”


To be the leading manufacturer of Ultrasonic level sensors in India with the help of our customer in the automation industry.

Product Title
Product Title

Partners Profile


Personal Details and Achivements

B.E. (Elect. Engg., VNIT Nagpur) 1982
M.Tech. (Elect. Engg., IIT Madras) 1984
Ph.D. (Elect. Engg, Nagpur University) 2005

Age : 56 Years

Processor based instrumentation and control, Power Electronics, Sensors and Actuators

27 (International and National Journals and conferences)

Sir Thomas Ward Memorial Medal, IE

Import substitution for industrial sensors and controllers


Worked in L&T and ONGC before joining VNIT in 1987
Retired (VRS) from VNIT as Professor of Electronics, 2009
Partner, AG Electronics, Dhantoli, Nagpur, India (from 2009 onwards)
Designed and developed following,
1. Ultrasonic sensors for level, proximity and distance measurement
2. Radar Sensors for collision detection in open cast mines
3. Controllers for above sensors
4. Fire detection systems
5. Mine safety equipment – such as mine shaft monitoring, haulage system, AVA
6. Bucket counting system for dragline
7. Weigh-bridge system
8. Automatic sheet metal Cut-to-length system
9. Sheet roll stagger controller
10. Industrial Acid Pickling line sag controller
11. Line speed indicators
12. Liquid flow controllers
13. Mine hazardous gas monitoring system
14. SMPS/battery chargers up to 1.5 KW (fly-back, forward, buck, boost, pfc, ZVS, push-pull, half and full bridge converters and inverters, CE & UL testing)
15. Ozone Generator controller (tuned self oscillating with closed loop control)
16. Industrial dc/ac speed control systems
17. Electronic Ballast controllers
18. LED illumination and control
19. Large screen LED display controllers
20. Autonomous vehicle navigation system
21. Robotics projects


Latesh Agarawal


25 Years of Experience in Electronics Field
CEO At Automation Controls, since 2000
Founder and Partner in AG Electronics, since 2010

Personal Details and Achivements

B.E. (Electronics), YCCE

Age : 48 Years

Processor based instrumentation and control, Power Electronics, Sensors and Actuators